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The Trip — Narrative and Photos

Getting There

Bled    (Menu)
Lake Bled   Photos
Gorenjska    Photos
Mountains and Valleys    Photos
Bled Town

Ljubljana    (Menu)
Meeting Ljubljana    Photos
Doing the Town    Photos A   B   C
Plečnik’s City    Photos
A Walk in the Park    Photos

Postojna    (Intro)
Predjama Castle & Postojna Caves    Photos

Lovran    (Menu)
The Kvarner Riviera    Photos
A Day on the Coast    Photos

Plitvice    (Menu)
An Angular Course
Thursday: The Upper Lakes    Photos A   B
Friday: The Lower Lakes    Photos

Zagreb    (Intro)
A Quick Look at Zagreb    Photos

Getting Back
Sidelights on Slovenia
Beehive Paintings
Architecture in Ljubljana
(also Ljubljana narrative pages, especially
Doing the Town and Plečnik’s City, with
      associated photos)
  Legend of Erasmus Lüger

Sidelights on Croatia
Nikola Šubić Zrinski
 Juraj Julije Klović
Josip Juraj Strossmayer
Ivan Kukulević Sakcinski
 Ban Josip Jelačić