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Predjama Castle

The castle, a little closer

The jousting place in front of the castle

Stable cave entrance and bridge

Cobenzl arms painted on the castle wall

Cobenzl arms and date 1570.

Castle entrance: Peter and Monica crossing the drawbridge

Carved Cobenzl arms (probably a restoration) with date 1583 and initials I [Iohann] K [Kobenzl]

Wildflowers in the cliffside near the castle entrance

More wildflowers, in front of a cavelet

Natural and unnatural walls meet

A room in the inner recesses believed to have been used in Erasmus's time

Tradition identifies this hole as the castle dungeon

Bridge to a room inside the cave

Another interesting conjunction of natural and human-built walls

In the newer part, a high room with restored roof and walls

Alcove in on of the buildings outside the cave

Hallway, balcony, and castle privy

Smaller door off the same balcony; Monica at right

The tallest tower

Next to the privy, an assortment of antique and reproduction artillery ammo

Steps leading to

View down the valley from the balcony

Stable entrance (left and foreground), River Lovka about to run under the cliff

Tourists, catapult, and castle

Inside Postojna Cave (1)

Inside Postojna Cave (2)

Inside Postojna Cave (3)