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Path between Cekin and Tivoli Castles

A little gardening in the woods

Some paths led to landscaped areas

Others led to the wilderness

Staff housing? Anyway, it wasn't a public building

Coming to an open view: Ljublana's 'skyscraper' at left, castle at right

In front of Tivoli Castle, looking down the Esplanade

Tivoli Castle, with bronze dancers and dogs

From the top end of the Esplanade

On the Esplanade, looking toward the city

Looking back up the Esplanade

Serbian Orthdox Church, from the lower end of the Esplanade

Mladika girls' school, by Cyril-Metod Koch, 1912

Finance Ministry building — Secessionist or Neo-Secessionist?

Doorway, closer up

Definitely Secessionist, but we have no information on it — on Cankarjeva, just a block from our hotel

Closeup of corner windows — impressive paint job

Conservatively styled Neoclassical Post Office building, 1896

That's right, it's Zlata Ribica again

Triple Bridge and Prešeren Square, from the parapet next to the Ugly Duckling bridge

Before the commemoration ceremony

Photo op

Dorothea at Gostilna Šestica