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Band concert outside our hotel

Horns and percussion

Ursuline Church of the Holy Trinity, 1718–1726

Ursuline Church facade and Trinity Pillar

Ursuline Church interior

Philarmonic Academy building

Main University Building, 1899–1902

Side doorway of the University building with suspiciously Secessionist lamp standards

Plečnik fence near the University building

Music School building (not a Plečnik design) with portraits of major Slovene musicial figures

Plečnik lamp on Vegova ulica

Lamp with part of Plečnik's National and University Library

Upper part of the main library entrance (the door is below the square window)

Main entrance door with

Pegasus up close

The dark stairway toward the light of knowledge

Top of the stairs, with entrance to Reading Room (behind the bust)

Somber colors of the hallway

Primoz Trubar, Reformation preacher and author of the first books printed in Slovene

Hallway with hanging banners (part of Trubar exhibition)

Door opposite the Reading Room door

Sunlight adds a bit of cheer to the hallway

East facade, with statue of Moses by Lojze Dolinar

Plečnik's monument to Napoleon and the

The Napoleon image and inscription

Križanke Church (Our Lady of Mercy), Dominico Rossi, 1714–1715

Old monastery buildings

More of the old monastery

Križanke courtyard performance space

Facade at the south end of the courtyard

Porch on the south side; the gate at the left leads into the old monastery

Detail of the gate, with Plečnik's salute to the new Yugoslav state

South side porch, closer up

Even closer

Lamp standards on the north side of the courtyard

Arch and steps on the north side

Park outside Križanke north wall, on Emonska ulica

Garden plots in the Krakovo neighborhood

Peering over a wall into a Krakovo back yard

Plečnik's bridge at the end of Emonska

The tiny Gradščica river, whose channel was also constructed to Plečnik's design

Looking back across the pyramid-adorned bridge

Coniferous pyramid

St. John's Church, which faces across the bridge

Some of the

Tables in the Ace Lounge courtyard (with part of the ice-cream stand in the left background)

More tables (and distinguished customers)

Looking back up the courtyard/walkway

Looking back through the tunnel from Wolfova ulica

Gostilna Sokol (red sign and banner) in Cyril-Methodius Square, where we ate that evening