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Centro-Merkur Department Store, 1902–1903

Hotel Union, 1903–1905

Closer look at the corner turret and facade


East side, with main door, on Milošičeva St

East doorway

A small door on the east side

Detail of the east facade

People's Loan Bank, 1907 (center section)

People's Loan Bank, side section

Cooperative Bank, 1921

Closer look at the facade

Slovene and EU flags

Window detail

Bay and arch

Bamberger House, 1906–1907

Regalli House, 1904–1906

Regalli House turret

Krisper House, 1900–1901

Krisper House side facade

Krisper House decoration detail

Krisper House turret

Miklošičeva Park

Bust of Miklošič, eminent Slavic language scholar

Houses next to the Krisper House on Tavčarjeva St

Čuden House, 1902

Čuden House turret

Richly ornamented facade of the Čuden House

Plaster, tile, and wrought ironwork

Building across Tarčiceva from the Čuden House

Closer look at the tower (could find no information on this building)

From right to left, Čuden, Pogačnik, and DeGenghi Houses

Doorway of the Pogačnik House, 1902

Sculpture over the doorway

DeGhenghi House, 1904

DeGhenghi House turret

Window at the corner, below the turret