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Sladoled (and other refreshments) stand on Čopova St

City Savings Bank, 1903–1904

Glass awning and facade

Facade, with faces

The only surviving Secessionist sign in Ljubljana

Front door, with passerby

Seunig House (don't know the date, but certainly post-1895 earthquake)

Seunig House turret

Window on the Seunig House

Unfortunately named shop at the corner of the Seunig House

Right to left, Seunig House, Hauptmann House, Ljubljana Castle

Hauptmann House, renovated 1904

Looking up Wolfova St from Prešeren Square

Looking across the square and the Triple Bridge

City Market scenes (1)

City Market scenes (2)

City Market scenes (3)

City Market scenes (4)

City Market scenes (5)

Painted facade in Ciril-Metod Square

South side of St Nicholas Cathedral on Ciril-Metod Square

15th-century Pietà from the older cathedral

Front of the Cathedral with bridge to the Bishop's Palace

Front door by Mirsad Begić, 1996

Looking down the nave to the sanctuary

Statue of St Florius, Bishop of Aemona by Angelo Putti, about 1712

Corpus Christi altar and angels sculpted by Francesco Robba;

Marian altar decorated with fresh greenery

Nave ceiling painted in Illusionist style by Giulio Quaglio, 1700s or 1720s

Organ loft

South door by Mirsad Begić, 1996, with 20th-century bishops and archbishops of Ljubljana

Plečnik's arches at the Ribca restaurant

At Ribca, looking worried or miffed (don't remember which or why)

The many balustrades of Plečnik's Triple Bridge

National poet Franc Prešeren and his attendant Muse

Looking across the square from the poet's monument to the Hauptmann and Seunig Houses