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Church of the Assumption, Prešeren Square

France Prešeren and the Muse


Building on the corner of Čopova St, Prešeren Square

Spans of the Triple Bridge, looking upstream

Looking across toward the Old Town

Town Hall, castle, and one of Plečnik's lamps

Plečnik's colonnade and arches, from the Triple Bridge

From the Ribca restaurant, behind the arches

Inside Ribca, midafternoon quiet time

Prešeren monument from Ribca level

View upstream toward the 'Ugly Duckling' bridge

From the Dragon Bridge: Plečnik's market building, seminary and cathedral behind it

One of the copper dragons that gives the bridge its name

American smiles: goofy (left), adorable (right)

Ljubljana's Town Hall

Looking past the Town Hall porch down Town Square

St. Nicholas Cathedral, just behind the Bishop's Palace

Baroque doorway

Cathedral dome down the narrow street

Ljubljana Castle ramparts

Iron dragon (perhaps made in Kropa?)

Heraldic decor in the castle's chapel

Castle clock tower (100 step climb to see the view)

Northward prospect from the clock tower

Zooming in on Prešeren Square

Plečnik's National and University Library building

St. Florian's (foreground) and St. James's steeples, seen on the way down from the castle

Balconies and courtyard of old houses built against the hill

School of silver fish balloons, from the Shoemakers' Bridge

The Dixie Sok ('Juice') Band in full cry

Urban jitterbugs


Downstream from the Ugly Duckling to the Shoemaker's Bridge

Upstream to the Triple Bridge and Prešeren Square

Across the bridge to the Zlata Ribica restaurant and tiny Fishermen's Square

A closer view of Zlata Ribica, where we couldn't get a table that night

Abecedarium, on the square, where we ate dinner