At Predjama Castle in Slovenia
This site is about the trip we took in the late spring of 2008 to Slovenia and Croatia, the two countries at the north of what used to be Yugoslavia.

We did no driving on this trip. In between the flights that got us to Slovenia and back, we took a couple of day trips with guides who provided transportation, but otherwise we relied on railways and bus lines to get around. If we had tried to see all the interesting sights in both countries during the time we had — just over two weeks — we’d have seen them only through the windows of trains or buses. So we restricted ourselves to destinations that were close enough together to minimize travel time, but interesting enough to spend more than a day in. (We did Zagreb, Croatia’s impressive capital, an injustice by spending only a single afternoon and night there, but that was because we needed to pass through on the way to catch our return flight, and we took advantage of that opportunity to look around.)

Stops on our journey
The map at the right shows the places where we stopped and stayed — Postojna, which was a day trip from Ljubljana, being the only exception. The little rectangle in the inset map at the upper right shows you what part of Europe you’re looking at on the bigger map. The tabs above can take you to these six destinations in whatever order you prefer. If you click the map, or the photo above, you can see a larger version.

If you’re curious about why we chose to spend our vacation in two little-known countries to which we have no family connections, or what we found there that was interesting, or how to navigate the site, information is available on all of these topics, but since none of them can be covered in a sentence, you’ll have to look at the menu that drops down from the “Home” tab, or click the “Site Map” tab, to find out about them.

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