Although they are neighbors who speak related languages, the Slovenes and the Croats have had quite different experiences through the centuries. As the language difference indicates, they reached their present locations at different times and probably by different routes. Also, though both peoples were ruled for centuries by more powerful neighbors — both, ultimately, by the Holy Roman Empire and its successor state, the Dual Monarchy of Austria-Hungary — this hegemony came about in different ways and produced quite dissimilar results. So each nation has its own tale to tell, nor can either be summarized in a couple of sound bites. The menu below breaks the story into ten chunks.

Slovenia Before 1919

Croatia Before 1919

The First Yugoslavia

Croatia in the War

Slovenia's War

Tito's Yugoslavia

Yugoslavia's Decline and Fall

Ten Days of War in Slovenia

Four Years of War (Interrupted) in Croatia

The Judgment of History

As an interesting sidelight on history, a separate page describes the numerous flags that have flown over the two countries during the last couple of centuries. Click here to see it.