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Slovenia's championship ski jump at Planica


The mountaintop where three nations meet

Taken from where we stopped to see the Russian chapel

A longer view shows the switchback we'd just rounded

Sašo and Tina

Up the steps toward the chapel

Another view, a little closer

Jeff standing on the steps

Part of the grove

The tiny interior

The towers make the chapel look much larger than it really is

Views from the

Views from the

Views from the

Views from the

The next switchback

Russian hands placed all these stones

The Vršič Pass, with refreshment and souvenir (spominki) shops closed

Mountain on the west side of the road

Looking down from the pass toward the Soča valley


Despite clouds and snow, it wasn't cold up there

Someone set up this weathered wood as

Another view downward toward the Soča

Heather was blooming in the pass

Here's some heather closer up

I was doing my best to capture the vastness

Meanwhile, Sašo and Jeff waited at the van

The village of Trenta, where the road joined the Soča

Coming out of the mountains, the Soča is no lazy, meandering stream

Near Soča village, a house overlooks the river

St. Joseph's churcyard, with the Austrian military cemetary beyond it

Two sisters, Rosie and Annie

The Boka waterfall seems to spring out of a mountainside

Moving the engine to the front of the train