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Lake Bohinj on a wet, quiet Sunday morning

The tiny Church of the Holy Trinity

The Church of St. John the Baptist in context

St. John the Baptist, closer up

A mural of St. Christopher is still visible on the wall of St. John's

Tina (right) and the dairy museum's curatrix, behind a cheesemaking vat

Double hayracks (plus a single or two)

A big Slovenian house in a little Slovenian village

A rural church, somewhat beclouded

Vrba's elders' once met nightly around this linden tree

Today, traffic noise might be an obstacle to wise deliberations

Slovenia's oldest beehive, built by Anton Janša in the 1700s

Paintings on the front boards of Janša's hives

Grad Kamen (Stone Castle) was once occupied by Gašper Lambergar, famed in song and story

Old and new Slovenia at Grad Kamen

Approach to Linhart Square in Radovljica

The Sivec house, built for a 16th-century merchant

The Gostilna (and Museum) Lectar, where we devoured a Peasant's Feast

The Gostilna's lectar-shaped sign (the bee museum is in the next building)

The gingerbread museum-bakery-salesroom below the restaurant

Heart specialist

A hard glaze helps preserve the gingerbread

Looking upstream in the ironworking valley town of Kropa

Same direction, from farther upstream

This picture looks downstream

Side streets in Kropa tend to be steep

One of Kropa's 'foundry houses'

Uphill path to a church

The nearer house has a modern ironwork balcony

This homeowner has missed few opportunities for using ornamental ironwork

Dorothea and Tina heading for the museum door, in a foundry house squeezed in behind the first row

The lamp standard typifies the iron artwork on display inside

This picture, Photoshopped almost to death, is the only one I have of the ironwork inside the museum